MathTech Review: One on Epsilon

For our very first MathTech Review, we thought we’d pick one close to home. Introducing Epsilon Stream by One on Epsilon based in Brisbane, Australia! A free streaming app full of wonderful, curated maths content right at your fingertips.

Lachy Fitzpatrick
Co-founder and CEO

With Epsilon Stream, One on Epsilon has set out to create an experience through which people can explore their mathematical curiousity. From their Blogs (Curious Epsilon) to their Editor’s Picks, there is no shortage of interesting mathematical learning to be discovered. Best bit, it’s free!

One on Epsilon was founded by a team of maths educators and researchers including Dr. Yoni Nazarathy and Dr. Phil Isaac from The University of Queensland. They are on a mission to deliver engaging curated mathematics through innovative software and content.

So how can it best serve you as a teacher? Well, to start with, their blogs are a great source of inspiration for further exploratory maths activities in the classroom. If you have a read through them you’ll find some very interesting maths explorations ready to be adapted to an enquiry task.

One On Epsilon app

Are you teaching conditional probability? Checkout their blog ‘May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour’ to explore how to find the average number of houses on a street using only the percentage of odd vs even houses on a street.

Next, it undoubtedly brings out the inner maths nerd in all of us. Just have a scroll through the plethora of Youtube Channels that have been curated for your enjoyment or hit the little domino icon next to the search bar to trigger a random search. Who knows what you’ll learn?

Finally, it is a brilliant support tool for students. They can search terms or concepts that they are exploring or struggling with, and receive a curated list of quality video content to address those terms or concepts. With a multitude of curated videos to choose from, students can pick a style that they prefer and you can rest assured knowing that it is coming from a good source.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!
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